Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products made in the United States?

Yes, all of our products are made in San Francisco, CA, USA.

We do not contract with anyone else to formulate, manufacture/make, orĀ package our products.

Kasie is the formulator. She makes most of the products by hand with intention, love, healing energy, andĀ in accordance with natural rhythms, includingĀ the lunar cycle. If not made by Kasie herself, they are made by trained and trusted staff with the same methods and care.

Every product is prepared and packed in small batches, using traditional methods, in our own facility, ourselves. WeĀ prepare eachĀ order with care and ship from this location inĀ San Francisco, CA.

Are 100% of your ingredients sourced from the United States?

No, they are not. You might be surprised to learn thatĀ many of our ingredientsĀ are produced/grown, harvested, and imported from countries outside of the UnitedĀ States including Europe and Australia. We do not source from China.

We source internationally becauseĀ KasieĀ has spent decades searching the world over to source only the very best, highest quality ingredients, in consideration of not only quality, safety and potency of that specific ingredient, but also the ethical standards of the producers and their relationship with their workers, their local economy, and ecosystem/environment.

All ingredients have been independently third-party tested for purity and authenticity. The final and ultimate test is Kasie's discerning personal evaluation of each and every ingredient while working with them, and for each received shipment, and every batch made.Ā  Ā 

Can you provide third-party certificate of analysis (COA) for your ingredients?Ā 

Yes! Please email us your request including for which products you are requesting ingredient COAs to:

Are your products certified organic?

We use 100% certified organic ingredients and make great effort to source only the very best certified organicĀ ingredients.Ā Our products, however, areĀ notĀ certified organic because our facility is not organic certified.